Should I Be Angry at God?

IMAG0476Does God get angry at people? Is it Godly to be angry? Anger is a very human emotion. It is generated when we experience something that offends us. If we experience injustice, unfairness, disrespect, discrimination or similar experiences we get angry. Anger brings with it a sudden infusion of energy that propels us into action to defend ourselves or those we love from being exploited, rejected or overlooked.
The New Testament indicates Jesus only got angry once; that was to defend the honor of God’s name before the people. The narrative says, the religious leaders of his day developed a practice of selling sheep and other animals to be used for sacrifice. No problem with that I guess, except that it resulted in the temple becoming a marketplace for trading money and buying and selling. The temple became the wall street of the day. In this state of affairs. worship became a commercial exercise to enrich the religious elite. This made Jesus angry. He threw over the money tables and drove the bankers out the temple declaring that the purpose of the temple was the worship of God, but they had turned into a den of thieves. So what made Jesus angry was the desecration of the temple. He didn’t get angry when he was insulted, spat upon, persecuted, lied about and ultimately crucified. In fact, when he was nailed to the cross he forgave those who were crucifying him! Isn’t that something?
Some persons who suffer believe that the suffering comes from the fact that God is angry with them and their suffering is his punishment for their sin. Because of this belief they feel even worse; after all, if I believe God is so angry with me that he is making me sick, or poor or some other type of suffering, that would make me feel pretty badly about myself. Therefore, not only am I suffering due to illness or some other situation, I also feel ashamed and depressed because I believe that something I have done has made God angry. Furthermore, I will also likely conclude that I am worse than others because God is not punishing them, only me. That is a lot of guilt, shame and remorse to carry around, all because of my belief about God’s anger. Worst of all, is that when I believe God is angry with me, sooner or later I get angry at him and everyone else around me. I live in a state of perpetual anger. This type of thinking goes like this; I am sick, therefore I feel God is angry with me, and then I get angry with God, myself and everyone around me.
I think what is often the case is that we are looking for some rational explanation for the suffering we have had to deal with. We are unable to understand the “why” and nothing seems to make sense, therefore the only thing left is find somebody to blame and since God did not take away the suffering then he must be to blame. For me, that’s too easy. It is a way to avoid having to accept that fact that life with or without faith in a God is often unfair and uncertain. We are treated unjustly, bad people get away with stuff (at least for the time being), and despite our best efforts we never achieve our dreams. It is part of what it is to live on planet earth. I am not saying we have to like it, but we do have to accept it and in that acceptance still believe life is worth living. Like they say in AA, “Living life on life’s terms.”

One thought on “Should I Be Angry at God?

  1. Hi Dr. Reynolds,
    Great hearing from you. Very interesting topic about God being angry with us. I have being going through a difficult time for the last three years and at times felt that God was angry at me. I got myself in a little financial situation and needed to consolidate my finances. But my wife refuse to sign the at the bank even though the bank told her is the only way for me to get my finances back on tract. I for a time thought that her way of reasoning was the same way God felt about me. But I ha e been praying and reading the Bible and realized that God is not angry with me.
    Can you give me some more insight into God and anger?


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