My 3 Most Powerful Sources of Spiritual Renewal


Recently, I watched with fascination a news story about a young lady whose bungee rope broke at the end of her jump. As a result, instead of bouncing back up and experiencing the exhilaration of escaping what seemed like eminent danger, she continued her fall into a river known to be infested with crocodiles. Life can be like that sometimes. Our connection with that which should stabilize us in the face of uncertainty and confusion is broken and we are taken along by forces we are unable to control. Spiritual renewal provides us with the vital reconnection that stabilizes and guides us.


Today I am reflecting on three sources of daily spiritual renewal that keep me going:

  • The belief that I am never alone. The sense that the divine presence is with me lets me know that I matter and that feeling of connectedness renews my spirit.
  • Believing that I am unconditionally loved and therefore will always be forgiven and accepted me is a powerful source of spiritual renewal. I have had the experience of being rejected and marginalized, made to feel like I did not belong; now on my worse day I can experience a feeling of belonging that transcends human opinion.
  • Cultivating a spirit of gratitude opens my eyes to see the beauty of the here and now and my spirit sings. For example, one of my greatest joys to sit at our dining room table and watch the birds playing in the birdbath in the backyard. It never fails to bring a smile to my face.

What experience left you feeling spiritually renewed today?

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