Can Spirituality Promote Higher Employee Engagement?

IMG-20130903-01701Every business wants to have a group of engaged, passionate employees committed to the success of the business. Businesses spend millions of dollars each year to find out how engaged their employees are. Yet according to Gallup only about one third of American workers are engaged. Gallup has also found that Managers have by far the greatest impact on employee engagement.

I took a look at some of the ways Gallup says Managers can positively contribute to higher levels of employee engagement and concluded that integrating Spirituality in the workplace can provide a potent addition to those efforts and result in greater employee engagement.

For example, Gallup notes that managers who have regular contact with employees by whatever means tend to have more engaged employees. This should come as no surprise, communication is vital to any relationship. Communication promotes connection, caring and a sense that you matter to others. The heart of spirituality is connectivity. Connection with self, the sacred and others.  Promoting a spirituality that is respectful and inclusive would support deeper connection and higher engagement.

Spiritual connection can then promote collaboration between employee and manager for setting performance goals and committing to achieve them, another critical aspect of employee engagement.

Here are three ways a manager can promote spirituality in the workplace:

  • Regularly remind employees that they are a part of something greater than themselves, what they do matters, it makes a difference in the lives of others.
  • Allow time and create opportunities for employees to connect with each other in ways that transcend the work environment. One good way to do this is for employees to participate in shared projects that benefit others
  • Be a consistent model of compassion, care and support for employees. Make it a rule never to fire an employee without doing all you can to help them be better

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