As I Believe I Behave

Every decision I make whether in my relationship or in my business creates a new situation. The greater my decision the more challenging will be my situation.

I first encountered this spiritual principle in the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer one of the great heroes of world war two and an author whose writings have greatly impacted my life. Bonhoeffer was tortured and eventually hanged by the Nazis for his steadfast opposition to the evil they represented. He believed that as a disciple of Jesus he was called to resist such tyranny and as a follower he had no choice but to obey God’s call. In his book, the Cost of Discipleship, he wrote, “only he who is believes is obedient and only he who is obedient believes. “ By this he meant the faith to step out in obedience into a new situation is reinforced by the act of stepping out. For him this meant taking the action required to resist the evil of Nazism.

Bonhoeffer believed that God’s call to me creates a new situation for me to move into and every time I move in response to the call my faith is empowered and strengthened. I believe this spiritual principle holds true in every area of life. Hence, every decision I make creates a new situation for me. As I act in the new situation I am empowered and spiritually renewed. As I believe I act and as I act I believe.

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