Superman Vs Batman and the Death of God

This movie is a bleak and desolate depiction of the death of God. The main characters are Superman who is portrayed as God, Batman who represents human beings, and Lex Luthor the evil genius who has been Superman’s archenemy. By the end of the movie, Luthor is revealed as the Prophet of Satan.

From the getgo, Luthor’s aim is the destruction of Superman (God). Along the way He demonstrates successfully that God is a bumbling idiot who basically relies on his brute strength to win his battles. He, Superman(God), never sees through Luthor’s schemes until Luthor himself explains just before ordering him to kill Batman or allow his mother, who Luthor has kidnapped, to be killed. In the meantime, Luthor has orchestrated  events and seen to it that Batman is well prepared to kill Superman. He has also manipulated Batman and indeed much of the world to believe that Superman is a threat to them and therefore should be destroyed. Batman is determined to do this. In his instructions to Superman Luthor declares, “and now you will fly to him and you will battle him to the death. … The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. God versus Man. Day versus night!” He also says to Superman (God), “God is tribal, God takes sides! If God is all powerful he cannot be good, if he is good he cannot be all powerful.” Therefore, by that logic, there is no God.

Superman, decides to go to Batman to try and persuade him of Luthor’s deadly scheme. Batman however is prepared and ready to kill him. Superman makes a halfhearted attempt at speaking to Batman before the battle begins and somehow in the ensuing battle Batman (human being) gives to the pathetic Superman (God) the beating of his life. Finally, Batman stands over Superman with his foot on Superman’s neck. He has a kryptonite spear in his hand (cleverly arranged by Luthor) and gets ready to deliver the death blow. Before he does he says to Superman, “You are no God, You are not even a man.” Incidentally, that scene with Batman’s foot on the neck of Superman is a common depiction of Jesus’ defeat over Satan. This movie flips it around. Superman now begs him to save Martha his mother. Batman is shocked to discover that Superman’s mother has the same name as his own mother. This causes him to pause and rethink since Superman now has a mother. In the gospels Martha is a very good friend of Jesus. He frequently stayed in the house where she and her sister Mary lived. Batman has a drastic change of heart and leaves to rescue Martha while Superman leaves to confront Luthor.

When Superman shows up Luthor is prepared. Even though he is surprised that both Batman and Superman have survived the encounter and Martha is rescued, he now unveils the darkest portion of his plan. He has gained access to the alien ship that had previously invaded earth, but  was defeated by Superman. He next enters what is known as the Genesis Chamber (the Hebrew word for Genesis means beginning and is the name of the first book of the bible which contains the creation account). There Luthor takes the dead body of the alien general who commanded the failed expedition and, with the help of the ships super computer,  adds his DNA to that of the general creating a demonic creature. In the process, some disturbing themes emerge. In Genesis God is the creator, here the agent of Satan creates in the Genesis Chamber. To create the creature, Luthor cuts across his palm in the fashion of a blood oath. He squeezes blood through his clenched fist onto the face and mouth of the dead general. In this way he attempts to simulate the God of creation putting life into man in the book of Genesis. This act also in essence symbolizes a blood oath with Satan. This is confirmed by his statement to Superman, “If man won’t kill God, the devil will do it!”

The horrific creature that emerges from what looks a watery abyss is indestructible, even when battling Superman, Batman and Wonder woman together. The only way to kill the creature is for Superman to take the same kryptonite spear that would kill him and fly to the demon plunging it into his chest since the creature is also vulnerable to it. After a brie, but titanic struggle both superman and the demonic creature fall dead. In this way the movie portrays the death of God.

In the final scene, Batman visits the Luthor in the facility where he is now imprisoned to find out if there are any other terrible creatures on the way to earth. Luthor with an evil grin prophesies “He is coming! He is coming! Tick tock, tick tock! The scene then cuts away to a wall painting depicting a demonic creature, looking like the one killed by Superman, destroying people. It seems clear to me that the intent is to prophesy the coming of Satan himself. Thus Satan now appears as the all-powerful one. Also, whereas the bible teaches that Christ is coming, the message of this movie is that Satan is coming. Keep in the mind the Bible predicts that Satan will come as a deceiver in an attempt to replicate the coming of Jesus. Many will be deceived.

Some may argue that this is just a movie using the super heroes of the comic book era so it is only the product of imaginative individuals. As someone who has spent a lifetime studying the Biblical themes, I vehemently differ. The movie is loaded with spiritual themes, symbolisms and the language of the Bible. I note also that the movie is released on Good Friday, the day that has come to symbolize the death of Christ for the salvation of the world. I don’t believe this is a coincidence either. Whether or not those who make movies such as these know what they are doing, they are partners in what I believe to be a concerted attempt to undermine and ultimately destroy faith in God. The current obsession in the movie industry with super heroes, magic, sorcery, demons and other supernatural creatures is a significant contributor to this trend. The movie industry is not going o voluntarily back off from this trend and the average person has very little awareness of the dangers involved. I saw a number of parents taking their little children into the theatre to fill their minds with that stuff. Christians who open their minds to hours of this type of psychological bombardment become slowly desensitized and open to whatever is presented to them. An even greater danger is that we lose our spiritual edge, our spiritual senses become dulled and our minds are taken over by the Prince of Darkness. We become ready to bow before him. We must begin to reject and turn away from such delusions.

Another level of this deception is just the sheer impact of the audio-visuals. The overwhelming power of the music and  graphic scenes readily imprint themselves upon the mind. I was forced to close my eyes on several occasions due to the sheer power of the audio visuals. I conclude with the words of the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah, “How long will this continue in the hearts of these lying prophets, who prophesy the delusions of their own minds?”

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