Winston Churchill on Future War with Russia

On the eve of the defeat of Nazi Germany, the leaders of the so-called three great powers, the US, British and Soviet nations met at Yalta in the Crimea to discuss the post-war situation. In his report to the British Parliament Churchill noted, “Somber indeed would be the fortunes of mankind if some awful situation arose between the western democracies and the Soviet Union, if the future world organization were rent asunder and a new cataclysm of inconceivable violence destroyed all that is left of the treasures and liberties of mankind.”

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The world continues its struggle to contain its leader’s lust for power. The British themselves formed an empire by plundering other nations. The western democracies enriched themselves by carving up Africa and enslaving its inhabitants. None are innocent. The great religions of the world have been complicit. Now Vladimir Putin is attempting his own brand of subjugation and exploitation. Where will this latest megalomania lead us all?

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