About Conroy

Who I am

Conroy Reynolds, PhD, BCC

My backgound includes Pastoral Ministry,  Leadership, Clinical Therapist and Mental Health Chaplaincy. Currently I am a Senior Clinical Professor at the University of Redlands in Southern CA in the Department of Counseling and Human Services. My resarch interest include relational spirituality/religion and wellbeing, in human development and relationships. At this point in my life I am rediscovering two great passions, a love for the study of Christian Scripture and History and my identity as a Caribbean national from the extraordinarily beautiful island of Antigua and Barbuda!

This Blog is about the examination and application of the principles of the Christian Scripture and other spiritually insightful literature to the fundamental questions of human existence. It is not about Religious Dogma, or the specific teachings of any church. I believe the great questions of life that address who we are as human beings can only be adequately addressed in relationship to the Eternal. Our temporal existence at its best is brief and full of trouble. Despair like a rabid dog is constantly yapping at our heels. We seek meaning in success, pleasure, power, religious activities among other things but none can settle the eternal questions at the core of our being. They are all restricted to this temporal experience and therefore have little eternal value. We need that which is beyond us to complete and make us whole. It is that which enables us to make meaning in existence. I accept the scripture as containing divine life and can offer a road map to achieve the most important task facing every one of us, an eternal self identity that enables us to live with faith, hope and love throughout the life span even to the moment when our temporal existence ceases.

 Why I do this

The short answer is, I enjoy doing it. It challenges and excites me. But also, I have a passion, a blazing passion to contribute to the spiritual, emotional and relational well being and development of all people. I believe this is one of the ways I can best accomplish that goal. It combines my love of reading and writing with a medium that can reach the world.

What I can do for you

The seminars I offer here are designed to complement the work of spiritual leaders in any number of ministries. I have conducted everyone of them in some form over the past several years and have recieved hundreds of responses from people who have benefitted from them. I am constatly updating and revising them as I encounter different audiences throughout North America and the Caribbean. Feel free to contact me to set up an appointment. In addition I am available as a consultant to Pastors and leaders in areas of conflict management and resolution from a Christian perspective, communication, mediation, planning and interpersonal development.


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