Leading Justice to Victory

 He does not crush the weak, or quench the smallest hope; Until He leads justice to victory, and his name will be the hope of the world (Matthew 12:16

We were all trapped with George Floyd on that fateful day. We shared his helplessness. Eight minutes and forty-six seconds, eternity compressed in time. The breath of life, the spark of divinity God placed in each of us was being squeezed out of one of his children in the most savage and callous way. George Floyd was not suddenly killed by a gunshot, he was utterly humiliated, degraded as a human in the process. However, in that humiliation, he shared the fate of Jesus and that makes his suffering redemptive. The scriptures record about Jesus, “He was brought as a lamb to the slaughter.” He was humiliated, mocked, despised then brutally killed.

In a sense George Floyd was a lamb sacrificed on the altar of racism. He begged for his life; his plea was ignored. But his humiliation and death has galvanized and unleashed unprecedented action to right wrongs, confront wickedness in high places, and overturn injustice.

When the Prince of Darkness orchestrated the unjust trial and execution of Jesus, he was really pronouncing sentence on himself. He was condemning himself for in that act he was revealing to the world the true nature of his being. He accused God of being unjust and despotic; but in his treatment of Jesus he showed that it was he who was guilty of those evils. It is often the case that those who engage in the worst acts of injustice accuse those they are unjustly persecuting and oppressing with the very evil of which the accusers are guilty. In this they prove themselves to be possessed of an evil spirit.  

In subjecting himself to such treatment Jesus demonstrated that his focus was on achieving victory for all those who believed on him. The Scriptures declare, Jesus will not stop until he leads justice to victory. He died an unjust death, but that death ultimately is the source of true freedom and victory for those who believe on him. So, in his death he achieved victory over the oppressor by exposing evil for what it is.  

Those who are on the side of truth and righteousness must never waver or deviate from the ultimate goal of leading justice to victory. We must refuse to engage or be trapped in the useless cycle of hurling charges and counter-charges on social media that only distract and drain energy from the real goal of equality, freedom, and justice for all.

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